Global Supply – All 12 Months

It should not matter if it is the 4th of July or the 4th of January, your customer is now demanding the same great quality every week of the year. By combining the best of what our carefully selected Northern and Southern Hemisphere fruit producers have to offer, Alliance International now has your answer.

Logistics and Distribution – Internationally, Nationally or Regionally

The fresh produce industry becomes more global every day. Given the ownership of leading global produce companies in Alliance International, we can assure you of fresh, safe, traceable product that has not broken the cold chain. With the challenges of just in time delivery and rising transportation costs, we have a national network of warehouses and transportation providers and the experience to meet the challenges our customers present.

Packaging – Customer Specific

Today fresh produce packaging requires much more thought than in the past. While the consumer is becoming more demanding, store level costs such as labor and insurance are escalating. In addition, warehouses want safe, traceable, clearly identifiable and intelligent palletization. In many instances, these issues can be solved with innovative packaging. Whether it is through high graphic display cartons, creative use of clamshells/bags or space efficient master cartons, Alliance will work with your team to address these challenges and ultimately sell more fruit at a higher profit.

Category “Focus” – vs. Category Management

As the relationship between supplier and customer grows, responsibilities change. Alliance International was specifically created with this in mind. Our staff is uniquely focused on every aspect of the relationship and constantly re-evaluates ways to deliver product fresher and more efficiently, as well as ways to help you sell more. While hard data is always useful, fresh produce has a unique and dynamic nature that requires us all to look beyond the data and think proactively and sometimes unconventionally. That is why we characterize it as a “Focus” rather than as Category Management.