Because the target customers are more sophisticated and require a different level of interaction and service, our sales cycle must be structured and consistent. It also must be assumed that because of the sophistication and value of these customers, they are highly desirable to the entire marketplace and will probably not begin immediately with our program. However, our program provides an enormous amount of long-term value to them and as long as our message, supply, service and quality stay consistent, we will see increases in market penetration and growth every year. Leaders in both the buyer and supplier communities have confirmed our model adds value to both sides and will be firmly established for the long-term future of the industry.

Our sales cycle will be structured with an abundance of face-to-face customer contact and will continue to gain confirmation and confidence from the customer that Alliance International is a leader and is driving trading relationships to new levels. Here is an overview of the process:

Initial Contact and Introduction
Initial Meeting and Executive Overview
Commitment to Proceed from Customer’s Senior Management
Scope Customer Requirements
Develop Proposal to Partner that Answers All Requirements
Send Initial Proposal to Customer Contact for Confirmation
Make Adjustments (if necessary)
Proposal Meeting
Agreements Solidified
Execution of the Plan
Customer Business Reviews (i.e. Quarterly, Seasonally or Yearly)